InterMountain Auto Glass offers a limited lifetime nationwide warranty that covers your windshield replacement.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Quality glass and adhesives will be used whenever possible.

We install according to AGRSS standards, the strictest auto glass installation standards in North America.

Leaks or other issues: If your new windshield leaks, we will repair the leak at no cost to you. If the molding comes loose we will repair the molding at no cost to you. This warranty is a lifetime nationwide warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

Rock Chip Repair: If a rock chip repair that we performed ever fails (turns into a cracked windshield) we will refund the amount of purchase towards the cost of a new windshield replacement. This warranty is valid at any InterMountain Auto Glass location.

Stress Crack: If at any time during the first three months after replacement your windshield cracks because of material defects in the glass, we will replace the windshield at no charge to you. If there is any indication that the crack was caused by external reasons, such as rocks, highway debris, vandalism, accident or negligence, then there is no warranty. This warranty is valid only at an official InterMountain Auto Glass location.

This warranty is invalid if the vehicle has preexisting damage due to rust, extended wear and tear, or any body damage that affects the ability to seal the windshield and / or structural issues with the vehicle.